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Yellow corn/maize for animal feed grade Supply Ability: 5000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month
Yellow corn or maize is a cereal starchy grain derived from the whole corn vegetable. Maize has several uses ranging from being a direct food to being used to produce various products such as corn syrup, cornstarch and oil. It is also widely used as animal feed. It is widely cultivated throughout the world but is abundantly found in areas that have a temperate climate. Nutritional Value (per 100 grams) · Calories: 96 kcal · Protein: 3.4 grams · Carbs: 21 grams · Sugar: 4.5 grams · Fat: 1.5 grams. · Water Content: 73% Pros: Consumption of Yellow corn comes with a host of health benefits. Despite the high amount of carbohydrates, corn is a healthy alternative to processed foods. It is good for gut health and can lower the risks of several diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes. Yellow corns enhance eye health by preventing visual impairments such as Macular degeneration and cataracts. The presence of Carotenoids such as lutein and Zeaxanthin stops any kind of lens damage that can lead to cataracts. It also has small amounts of Vitamin B, E and K with several minerals such as Magnesium and Potassium. Yellow corn is rich in Iron, Folic Acid and Vitamin B6 that has the ability to prevent anaemia. It also prevents Diverticular disease that is the abnormal pouches formed in the colon. This condition can lead to serious consequences and painful symptoms such as cramps and bloating. It encourages the healthy bacteria in the digestive tract and protects against colon cancer. Corn contains a large number of fiber that can have a satiating effect, helping the to feel full for longer between meals. It is also rich in vitamin C and with antioxidants that protects the cells from free radical damage. The compound Beta- cryptoxanthin helps to promote lung health and also lowers the risk of lung cancer. Yellow corns are also a good source of Flavonoid antioxidants and Ferulic acid that have anti-cancer properties.
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