Walnuts are the nuts of any tree belonging to the genus Juglans. In general, only some types of walnuts are edible.

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Walnuts are the nuts of any tree belonging to the genus Juglans. In general, only some types of walnuts are edible. Of these, only two types are specifically grown for consumption. One, the black walnut, is significantly rarer and not grown commercially. The other, most common type is known as the English or Persian walnut, which is referred to as the ‘walnut’. Despite its name, walnuts are actually the seeds of the fruits that grow on walnut trees; they are not botanically classified as nuts. Regardless, walnuts are often considered to be a part of the “dried fruits and nuts” category. After being extracted from the fruit, a walnut shell is a hard, segmented layer that must be cracked to get to the inner meat, which is the edible part of the walnut. Cracking walnuts can be a tiring and tedious process. Today, walnuts are commonly available in their post-shelled state. Nutritional Information (per 100 grams, shelled) · Energy: 654 kcal · Protein: 15.23 grams · Carbohydrates: 13.71 grams o Dietary fiber: 6.7 grams o Total sugars: 2.61 grams · Fat: 65.21 grams · Water Content: 4.07 grams Benefits Walnuts are an extremely nutritious food. They have a higher amount of antioxidants that any other common nut, and eating walnuts regularly promotes lower cholesterol and overall heart health. They are also the only nut that has high amounts of omega 3 ALA fats, which are good unsaturated fats, the benefits of which include diabetes control, reproductive health and weight management. As omega 3 fats are usually found in fish and meat, so walnuts are a good plant-based option for those who follow vegetarian or vegan diets. Walnuts can also help manage your blood pressure, potentially reducing the risk of heart disease. Uses Walnuts are generally eaten raw. They can be eaten as is, or they can be used as an ingredient in many dishes, mostly of the dessert variety. Walnut cakes, pies and brownie are popular desserts. Walnut is also used in savory dishes, most famously in baklava, or meals from Iranian cuisine. Walnut oil is used as a salad dressing, among other uses. However, it is not commonly used due to it being extremely expensive.
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