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Specifications Hi-Protein Soybean Meal

We Supply highly refined Soya Meal suitable for human consumption. This high protein component is used as food additive in a variety of products including Wheat Flour for increasing protein component. We also produce animal feed grade Soya DOC used as a major component of cattle feed throughout the world.

Specification Of Soya Meal (46%)
Moisture 12% Max
Protein 46%
Fats 1.5%
Fibers 7% Max
Sand Silica 2.5% Max


Specification Of Soya Meal (48%)
Moisture 11.5-12% Max
Protein 47-48%
Fats 1.5%
Fibers 7% Max
Sand Silica 2.0% Max


Specification of Soya Meal (Hipro DOC)
Moisture 11%
Fibers 3.5%
Fats 1.5%
Sand Silica 0.5%
Protein 50-52%
Total Ash 6.50%
Urease U/A 0.30%
Particle Size 90% Pass thr. 4MM

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