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Soft Drinks, Coca Cola 330ML, Fanta 330ML, Sprite 330ML, Schweppes 330ML, Pepsi 330ML, Mrinda 330ML,
The term soft drink is associated with a range of non-alcoholic drinks that have either added carbonated water, sweetener or an artificial flavouring. It can also contain food colourings, preservatives and occasionally contains caffeine. For instance, some popular soft drink products include carbonated sparkling water, Coca-Cola, Fanta, sprite etc. These have become widely popular over the years and are easily available anywhere. Nutritional value (per 100 grams) · Energy: 41 Kcal · Carbohydrates: 11g · Protein: 0g · Fat: 0 g · Sodium: 4 mg · Potassium: 3 mg Pros: Carbonated drinks have a reputation of enhancing digestive abilities due to its acidic qualities. These soft drinks may also help feel full longer than plain water. People who experience constipation may find the carbonated soft drinks to be beneficial. It helps in the bowel movement frequency and decreases the symptoms. It also helps solve chronic digestive issues and can improve gallbladder emptying. It also eases intestinal flux. Soft drinks provide quick hydration with the boost of energy. Loaded with high amount of carbohydrates such as sucrose and sugar, it can help to keep up the energy level. Carbohydrates are essential for survival and are beneficial for dopamine secretion. These drinks can also contain some amount of minerals such as sodium and potassium. While sodium being a hydrophilic element, affects the blood pressure, potassium acts as its adversary. Soft drinks are an easy means of quick hydration in emergency cases of dehydration. Potassium helps to gain muscle mass and promotes bone density while effectively reducing the risk of kidney stones. It also helps to maintain a healthy blood pressure. The caffeine present in the Soft drinks can increase memory power and improves reaction time. It also helps to focus and to remain alert. Despite these beneficial effects, soft drinks have more downsides than one can imagine. Thus, it is very important to consume these products moderately to see their benefits properly.
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