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2017 Fresh Garlic - New Arrival New Crop, Big Sizes, Low Price
Garlic is a plant that defies definition; it has been called a vegetable, herb and spice, depending on the role it plays in a dish. Regardless of its scientific identity, garlic is one of the most common seasonings in the world. China is currently the highest producer of garlic worldwide. Garlic has an endless number of strains, but they all can be categorized into two main groups: · Softneck garlic These are usually grown in milder climates. They mature quicker and have many small cloves in a bulb. Softneck garlic is known for its delicate flavoring and long shelf life. It doesn’t need any particular care while being stored; it is a relatively hardy plant. When using the term ‘garlic’ in recipes, this is the type of garlic to be used. · Hardneck garlic Hardneck garlic is used less commonly than softneck garlic. It can be identified by its hardened stalk. This type of garlic is extremely pungent and only used in some selected few dishes. While cooking, do not use this garlic unless explicitly mentioned in the recipe. Compared to its aged counterparts, fresh garlic contains more moisture and cooks easier. Also, garlic that is sold in its minced form has lost almost all of its flavor. When using garlic, always buy fresh, unpeeled garlic in its bulb form. Nutritional Information (per 100 grams, raw) · Energy: 149 kcal · Protein: 6.36 g · Fat: 0.5 g · Carbohydrates: 33.06 g o Dietary Fiber: 2.1 g o Sugar: 1 g · Water Content: 58.58 g Benefits and Uses The health benefits of garlic have been well documented throughout history. It has been known as a medicinal herb in multiple ancient cultures, and has properties that have been proven to be beneficial. When a garlic clove is chopped or chewed, it releases sulfur compounds, one of which is allicin. Allicin is the yellowish liquid that is found only in fresh garlic, immediately after it is chopped. It is the cause of the traditional aroma of garlic. Allicin is a powerful antioxidant, and also provides health benefits as a sulfur component. Garlic is a well known remedy for many types of viral infections, and can even reduce the effects of the common cold. Garlic is also good for heart health, since it manages hypertension almost as well as actual medication.
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