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Tunisia is renowned for the quality and mildness of the Mediterranean Tuna and Sardines, as well as for its formula for Tuna and Sardines canning. We'll always provide our clients with 100% Tunisian Made High Quality Tuna.
egetable Oil 125 g
Sardines in Vegetable Oil with Cayenne Peppers 125 g
Sardines in Vegetable Oil with Tomato Sauce 125 g




Type of Tuna in Vegetable Oil
Can Weight  2.05 kg




1 x Carton GW : 8 Kg / NW : 7 Kg
Contains  6 Cans of 2.05 Kg 




"OEM Brand" MOQ 100 x 20' Container
"Medilife Brand" MOQ 80 x 20' Container
"Other Established Brand" MOQ 1 x 20' Container




ISO 9001
ISO 22000

iTQi : International Taste & Quality Institute

Status: Available

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